Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bring on 2013!

It is that time of year when we once again pull out our list and make those resolutions. Many of which we will forget or just plain not do because, well I can always try again next year.

Defining resolutions takes me to the base of the word, resolve. Thus.


[ri-zolv] Show IPA verb, re·solved, re·solv·ing, noun.
verb (used with object)
to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something): I have resolved that I shall live to the full.
So I tell you here and now my goals and hopes for 2013. 
First: There is only so much we are in control of in our lives. We can control who we are and how we react to certain things and thus one of my goals this year is to have a thicker skin. If only that were an easy task, it is not. I have never been one to take criticism well which is a problem when you are an artist, as criticism both good and bad, is essential to becoming better at something. 
Objective 2: Organize, pitch, evaluate. 
Pitch/Donate items. I am a bad one for holding on to things that have little use or have sentimental value only to myself, but no real use factor. I agree there are certain things that have sentimental value that should be kept, like my grandmas antique watch, but then there are things like the stuffed animal from 9th grade given by a friend that has no value and is just taking up space. There are clothes that have been worn twice in the last three years, maybe that item should be sent away. 
Organizing is a huge key in any house and some days I just want to scream at all the things that lay around homeless and in my way. And why oh why does there have to be so much paperwork? So, I have plans to tackle the mountains of paperwork that eye me everyday by finding a better sorting system, and filing system. Our filing cabinet overflows and it needs to be purged. I always fear throwing out the wrong thing but I also know there are websites that tell you what is really necessary to keep. 

Evaluate is to take a look at my life, see what I have been doing right and what I have been doing wrong. Whether that relates to personal relations or household operations. I know both need to be addressed. 

Numero Tres: A friend and I have also decided, thanks to something I saw on Pinterest, that each day we will write down one thing we are thankful for. This must be done everyday whether it was a great day or a bad day.  We have decided that in 365 days we will take out our 365 sheets of paper and read through what we was good in 2013, each piece of paper will also be dated. I recommend this idea to each and everyone, there really is good in everyday. 

Objective D: As always I will continue to do my best with my health. I will keep up the exercise, keep up with the doctors, and always put my best foot forward.

Resolution cinq: Professional success goals. This last year has been such a roller coaster and I seem to keep losing focus on things. I realize this year might be just as up and down but like trying to write on the school bus and your handwriting is illegible from all the bumping around, practice can help make perfect.  How do I plan to do this you may ask? I am starting a new adventure or rather a new blog. I had a great name for it but someone else out there thought of it before me, so back to the drawing board. Which ironically is what my new blog will be all about...creativity, discovery, and artistic expression. I am not exactly sure of the direction but I do believe I would like to document the projects I will be doing and photographing the process. Whether it be a painting, printing, illustration, knitting, or sewing you name it I will try to document it. I think it is a good way of keeping me focused. 

Finally: My biggest goal of 2013, sell my art.

What are your goals for the New Year? Whatever they may be, I wish you health and success in the whatever you do.