Saturday, October 13, 2012


Today was one of those fall days you dream about where it's a little chilly, rainy, and it's the weekend so sitting on the couch watching old movies is all but okay. I however did not do that. Apparently it is also the day to bake, and bake things with apples. My sister sent me a photo of her apple crisp, just as I put mine in the oven. She invited me over to have some, I would love to if only she didn't live 1.5 hours away. I had a good laugh about that.

I also baked up my squash and froze that today. I had purchased four squash at the Farmer's Market last weekend and today finally felt alive enough to take care of them. I love squash and now I will get to enjoy it during the winter months. This week seemed to be my week to freeze things. I cleaned and chopped onion and green pepper for the freezer also. Guess I am hunkering down for winter, kinda like the Ingall's family but nothing in my freezer came from my hard, sweat over gardens. Nope mine came from someone else's. Next I figure I will buy a side or quarter of beef for my freezer, then I will truly be set.

Of course all this will come crashing down on me tomorrow when I have to actually function for the day and my body will then want to sit on the couch. Likely it will be a gorgeous day!

I am watching the calendar closer these days. You know when your a kid and your birthday is just weeks away and it is so exciting? Well my first, 'second chance at life' birthday is just ten days away and I still can't believe it. I can't believe that we have made it back around to another October, let alone soon to be 23rd. I recall there being some weird things around that day and I am trying to remember all that happened the day before. I don't remember anything past 7 a.m. on Oct. 23 until I ate the best popsicle of my life after surgery. The awful pictures tell that story. I will see what I can recount from those days over the next few. I sometimes wish there was a video of my surgery (which there probably is). I would like to see it. Gross as it may seem, it is also quite the miracle and how often in life do we get to experience that.

I see the doc on Monday. Results and further bronch discussions I am sure. As I was all prepared for a stent and didn't get one, probably a good thing but so curious when and if I will ever know life again without a PICC line.

Time to go put my feet up for the night, it's been a busy day.

Happy harvest everyone. 

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