Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day

So, on day 97, I would like to write about all the people who I have meet in these last nearly one hundred days who's names I will someday forget or faces will fade from my mind but who presence has made a lasting impression on this life of mine.

You know when people say "deja vu", I have had that many times since being here. So, my theory is that I am here once again trying to do something different this time around, which is my typical reaction to deja vu, but my new theory is that these people I meet were Always meant to be part of my life and each one touching a different part of my needs. By needs I mean, caregivers, lifesavers, friends, artistic inspirations, spiritual guides, and more. I have learned that I can't change my past but I don't have to because the present is providing me with enough to guide a greater future. Because some of the people that have touched my life more than any are the ones I haven't or never will I meet.

To George, someone who I have met twice. You have left a mark on my heart, I wish you the longest life with your new lungs. The fact that My name was some of the first words written when you awoke from surgery is touching. I think you might have been wanting me to know how awesome it is to breathe. That for as little as we have known of each other a bond is formed. Thank you George.

Life is nothing without people making a difference, or rather making a presence, physically or from afar. Even if I knew you before day 1.

You are one of those who's made a difference in my life, yes you!

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