Monday, May 21, 2012

All Things Pretty!

Wow! Been nearly a week since I lasted posted, I blame the nice weather and traveling for my lack of posting. The blogs I read I get disappointed when there hasn't been a post for days so I should really avoid the same pitfalls and make it part of my daily activities.

So what have I been up to lately? Good question, maybe a better is what haven't I been up to? In the last week I have painted, planted (or rather supervised), photographed, traveled, cooked, visited friends, family and Marco, shopped, and napped (only occasionally). I haven't however seen a doctor in over two weeks - that is unreal. I haven't gone a week without seeing a doctor in nearly a year - huge. I do however see the doctor on Wed. but that was scheduled, not an emergency.

Anyway, back to what I have been up to. For the last few weeks I have been working on a very special painting, and though I can't say much about it at this point I will say that I chose to work in watercolor for this particular project. From the day I decided on this project I knew that watercolor was the media of choice and I am so tickled by it that I can hardly contain my joy some days. I have, since starting that painting, done a couple other watercolors as exercises and am really enjoying it. While at a shop this last weekend there were watercolors a plenty and they just speak so differently than acrylic paints, don't' get me wrong I still love the thick and denser feel of acrylic on my brush but the subtlety of watercolor and the range of light and dark is unmatched.

Last week my husband handed me the camera, one I haven't hardly used as it is new to us this last year, and told me to go take 20 photos in the yard. I was wondering how I was going to find that many things to photograph and by the time I was done I had way more than 20. This camera allowed me to capture nature in a way no other camera has allowed me to do, with up close focusing it was breathtaking to see what turned out. I now can combine my two new loves, photos and watercolor. Stay tuned!

The real highlight of the week, if it wasn't great enough as it was, my husband and I went to Duluth. We haven't been back up there since our honeymoon nearly seven years ago this summer. The first day was cold and rainy, could have worn long underwear but day two was hot, hot, hot. Welcome to Minnesota right, always be prepared for any type of weather. I got a lovely new hat, which I love! Thanks to my husbands persistence. This is also the furthest I have been from home in, I think, five years.
Duluth May 2012
It was a great week. I can't expect them all to be as fantastic, or maybe I can, I guess it all depends on perspective. Today is more planting aka supervising, exercise, hopefully some painting and maybe a Marco visit. With the weather so nice it's great to spend time outside with him. He has four dog siblings at his new home and he is happy as can be. I love watching him play in Liz's back yard he just is full of joy.

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