Monday, May 7, 2012

Tour de Elton Hills

That is a misleading title post but I needed something different. In reality my bike ride today was about an eight to ten block ride, which is way better than the one block ride I took the day I got my bike. It was a gorgeous day today and I spent all of it inside until about an hour ago. Why you ask, would one waste a day like today being inside after such a nasty weekend? That my friends is a good question. Mostly because I had things I wanted to do inside, and since I am really not to enjoy the sun too much for fear of you know cancer, I opted to wait until this evening to take my bike ride. Which in the end was quite nice, it reminded me a lot of growing up rural as a kid and going for bike rides in the evening with our dad. I remember how we would go up and down the hills and always in the bottom of the one hill, just below below Emrick's driveway , the dip would have that cool evening air. I can still feel it when I think about it.

In those days we didn't wear helmets, and considering we were always riding on gravel or around the yard we never even gave such a thought to anything like a helmet, and mostly because there wasn't such thing when we were kids. We just rode to enjoy and didn't worry about getting injured. So, tonight as I rode my bike, again sans helmet, I thought how crazy I probably look to the world riding without my safety net. I will get a helmet and after having had one on this weekend while riding the Segway, I decided I don't actually hate having one on.

In reference to the Segway, the CF walk on saturday was good as usual. I don't have final numbers for what the Rochester site raised, but I know Chris and I raised over $1,600 thanks to all our great family and friends. We had a little smaller turnout as far as walkers this year, but the weather wasn't exactly inviting. It was cloudy, chilly, and damp.

To prove that I actually wore a helmet and rode the Segway here is a picture. And no I didn't run anyone over, however I did try a couple times, those things really need horns. Thankfully I learned quickly how to stop and avoid hurting the innocent.

CF Walk 2012-Segway (Me and Chris)

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