Tuesday, May 15, 2012


When I was a kid and mowed the lawn, a big lawn, I remember when I was done how my fingers would tingle from pushing or riding the lawnmower. All that vibrating and jiggling around, I rather found it odd and funny at the same time. So today as I got back from my walking tour of Elton Hills, and I see why they say 'Hills' once again I find my feet are tingling like my hands used to.

Just like riding the bike, stationary riding doesn't translate well into actually outdoor riding and neither does walking. The treadmill is certainly doing it's job, or rather helping me do mine but when it comes to going outside to walk it is a whole different story. Wasn't sure today how far I would get, I have an appointment this afternoon and though I was on a time crunch I felt I would just head out and get a walk in. I might even pull my bike out later this evening, I know overachiever. We'll see how tired I am after dinner.

In any case it was a great walk, I ended up behind my old school Hoover elementary (and yes Karen I should have stopped but I was in a hurry, next time I promise). I haven't been at Hoover since I left there after sixth grade, so that would be 20+  years ago. My big question is, did I forget there is a park behind the school yard or is that part of the school yard or am I missing something, even a ball field. I had a nice time walking around it though.

I stood looking over the school yard remembering when we would run the mile around and around the stupid laps wishing the world would end so I didn't have to run another step as you know it took like 300 laps to make a mile (or so it felt). I also remember beating out the erasers at that back door on the wall and the cement and those bars outside the back door that stopped the doors from banging open too far. We used to hang on those bars and do flips over them. I also recall that Mr. WIllis' room was right in that corner. I really liked that school. So many memories, so long ago.

Funny how this area of town has so many memories for me, friends who lived here, three years at the school during those all important young years. I do have fond memories of elementary school, it was junior high when all hell broke loose and people divided and conquered based on the brand of jeans they wore. Let's just say I didn't land in the Esprit crowd I was the Levi or worse the Lee crowd. Ironically one of my favorite pair of jeans today is Lee. Talk about a crazy tangent.

So, today has been great and it's still early. I am off to get my car fixed, sounds like I am driving the biggest piece of junk with a rattly muffler. I pretty much want to pull up my mask and pull down my hat so no one can see me, the driver, in this ear hurting metal box.

Hope you have beautiful weather where you are. If you do, get out and soak up some sun.

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