Friday, June 15, 2012

I Broke Through

Okay, not sure if I really broke through creatively or just that I worked on a painting that I have been putting off and in so doing felt that spark again. Yes, I have been procrastinating, I know not a big surprise if you know me or my family (not my Mom, she isn't a procrastinator - she blames my dad). Back to me, because that is what this is usually about anyway.

I have been putting of doing the painting of my nephew for like a year now. I knew when I saw the photo of him last year that it NEEDED to be a painting, one he and/or his parents will cherish forever, because it is so him. I haven't painted a portrait in years and flesh tones are about the hardest thing to do, for me anyway. I watched videos on YouTube to get some hints and basically those people just irritate me because they are so good. Really, could you make it look any easier? When it isn't! In any case, as the rain came down last night outside the window I picked up my brush and my six colors and began working on Kai's portrait. Layer after layer later, I am getting there. I hit it again this morning and I think I am pleased with how it is turning out. I will post a photo here once I get it done.

So, six hours of painting and I am nearly done with something that's been waiting a year to be done. I am glad I did it, I am glad I just told myself that it wasn't going to paint itself and most importantly to not be scared. I can always try again, that's why there is white paint - it was delete before there was a delete key/button. That's the problem being a graphic designer, on the computer deleting and changing is easy, not so easy with paint but still doable.

Fear and procrastination aside I can say this has been a good day, I can't wait for my brother to see it. And I can't wait to hear Kai say in his little voice, 'that's me'. Or at least I hope he realizes it's him I have painted.

Thank you Kai for your inspiration and mostly for just being the awesome little boy that you are!

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