Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marching into April

My last post I mentioned scrapping the acrylic painting I had been working on and switching mediums. I did just that and it was a treat. I did a watercolor. What I love about watercolor is the layering, yes one has to think backwards in a sense. I have to know where my lightest spots are before I get to my darkest spots and unlike acrylic whereas if you screw up you just paint white over it, watercolor does not have that option.

I never understood watercolor as a kid, I always hated how they all would get muddy in the watercolor pan and finally every color was brown, various shades of it for sure. It wasn't until college that I realized the beauty and versatility of watercolor. Layer on layer can create such beautiful hues, tints, and shades.

Since I love to paint flowers, which I can only gather is because the colors can be so rich and the textures so varied. Within a flower can be smooth and yet sharp, transparent and opaque, lights and darks together. Mother nature is wonderful at putting colors and textures together, and full of inspiration.

So, as usual I painted a flower.

Watercolor: Iris

With Spring finally giving us some sign of hope I think flowers are also a good way to get into the spirit of the time of year where we see flowers begin to bloom, grass turn green, and trees leafing out and one of my favorite things, crab apple trees in bloom.

I went for a walk in the sun yesterday and marveled at the running water in the brook near our house. The geese sitting softly by the waters edge and I smiled to think how beautiful that moment was. I was there to enjoy the beauty of the skies, the birds and the water. I could feel the coming of Spring and the birth of a new season.

Wishing you all the chance to re-bloom this Spring with a new spirit.

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