Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Que Sera Sera!

Been awhile since my last post. I never know if that is good or bad, that probably depends on what my recent posts were about as to whether things are better or worse. Today I like to use the word 'stable'.

A couple weeks ago I had the best week of recent history, I would actually have to say years. It has literally been years since I have had a great week. With my old lungs I would be happy to have a few good days in a row before the infection would return, and on top of that it wasn't like I was breathing with two full lungs. Even this past summer when I felt good before the infection settled into my lymph node and lungs I had great days but I also still was dealing with pain from the transplant and I would have one or two good days, or partial days before I would 'crash' as I like to call it.

It has been just over two months since my big surgery to remove the Phlegmon, let's call him Phil for short. Phil really bummed me out until we removed him and since then even though it was extremely difficult recover, and still not perfect, it has improved. It is nice not being on IVs four times a day and instead only once, or rather twice after this week. I have had coffee with friends, gone to events, been shopping, crocheting my little heart out, painting, illustrating, and designing. I literally don't have enough time some days.

There have been some crappy days since the fabulous week but nothing that I can complain too much about. Except for the fact my incision from this last surgery opened up this past weekend. It is ugly and gross but the surgeon is hoping the fact it is draining it will heal. He thinks due to my lack of fat, I irritated the skin with my boney shoulder blade by sitting against an unpleasant, not soft enough, surface. So more antibiotics and hoping and praying they do not have to open it up and clean it out to then pack it. That idea just sends me over the edge.

Other than that I am still doing reasonably well. My spirometry, or numbers are going up, slowly but at least they are moving. No where near were I was before this last surgery but having a muscle now wrapped around my lung the Dr. doesn't feel I will reach back to where I was. I however won't give up on getting close to that, just yet.

Right now as always taking things in stride and looking outside wondering why Spring has to take so long this year. I love the beauty of this white stuff covering the ground and clinging to the trees but there is a point at which it just needs to disappear and bring on the green. I need to get back outside. I am not a winter outdoor person, which I am sure I have mentioned more than once. I don't mind walking outside if there is no wind, but that is a rarity around here. There is no comparison of walking the treadmill and walking the hills around home, honestly not even close. If I am still going to try and run a 5K in my life I need a little more encouragement from Mother Nature.

My work space
My goal this week is to try a new painting. The one I have been working on, a commissioned piece, for the last six months has me so ticked off from overworking it for the second time that I had scrapped it all together and trying a different way. I will just white over the old one and use it for something else down the road. Sometimes starting fresh is the best option, and remembering to walk away when it gets difficult because trying to continue only makes things worse. That is probably why computer graphics are great, you screw up or don't like you just hit undo, paintings are not that easy.

I am off to start my day, not sure which direction first but maybe just finish my tea and enjoy the sunshine that has graced the skies this morning. A peaceful moment.

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  1. Sarah, keep posting. Every once in a while I see your 'exhortation' thumbnail on our desktop and pop in to see what is new. It helps me to level set any challenges I have in my own life,,,which are insignificant compared to what you go through. I like the picture of your paintings! Yes, let's have some green, spring can not come soon enough. Keep your chin up. Mike Siebenaler