Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day

So, I kept telling myself I could care less about this royal wedding, since really what significance does it have in relation to me? None. But after watching the hype for the last four days (as I tried to avoid it before that). I woke up this morning (nope, not at 3) but at 6:30 and was super exicted to see Kate's dress. There is nothing more fairytale than watching as a royal couple comes out onto a balcony for a  kiss. We always dream for our prince as little girls and here is a story book come to life. I wish them well, I wish them to skip the ugly fate that has plagued too many royal couples. So not only do I wake up to a long awaited sunny day but also to beautiful wedding photos and fairytale kisses (or pecks).

The second part of my day and the real highlight that I have been looking forward to was a visit to the Chiropractor. I have never been to one, but I had decided I was tired of living with this stupid hip pain that has bothered me off and on for the last five years. I spend so much time trying to fix my lungs that I avoid all the other broken things on me. Which maybe having fixed this sooner it might have helped my lungs. In any case, no looking back because again, hindsight brings us nothing to fix where we are at.

I walked out of there feeling almost lighter, it really felt great getting my spine and hips cracked. Now I will admit I was a little scared. I didn't know how the whole cracking thing would go and I have to laugh at myself because I gave this great loud UGH everytimes she cracked something, but it felt good. It was just this weird natural reaction to make that sound. I will go back again next week and work on this hip. It already feels about 40% better since I left there. I also found my muscles are like rocks in my upper back and near my hips. So, now having done it just once I am an advocate for everyone going at least once, I still felt like she was going to break my spine but, she didn't and I feel better for having gone.

So, if you question going because you have back or shoulder pain, and like me have had x-rays or MRI's that show nothing, then go to the Chiropractor, give it a try and see if they can help. I am sure you will be walking on air, kind of like royalty, when you leave.

Cheerio my friends.

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