Sunday, April 3, 2011

Playing Catch

I was standing on the deck last evening waiting for Marco. It was a little damp and cooling off, the sun was beginning to set and then I heard the thuamp of a ball being caught in a glove. Everything about that moment reminded me of a kid playing catch with my Dad in the yard. I miss those days.

I remember that I always dreamed, as kids usually do, that I was going to be the first female outfielder for the MN Twins. I would go along with the greats of Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbek. I was probably 10 when I was dreaming that but I always tried really hard not to throw like a girl, that was like the worst absolute comment anyone could make. I remember even in school when we would play ball that it was in my every effort to throw that ball like a champ, not a girl.

My Dad was always a good teacher whether it was playing catch or how to start the lawn mower he always had the utmost amout of patience. I enjoyed spending time with Dad doing anything, didn't matter if it was playing catch, or following him around the yard or house doing various projects. Come to think of it I really had the best of both worlds. I had a Dad that fulfilled the tom boy part of me and a Mom that taught me the refined girl things. I would spend hours watching my Dad dig holes, or cut trees, or finish the country basement and so many other things. I would go shopping with my Mom, sit in the kitchen and chat while she baked and tried my hand at baking from time to time, and learned to iron on Dads hankys.

I guess today that is why I feel I have the ability to do, or learn to do just about anything. If I weren't forced into submission by this lack of oxygen and low energy I would continue to push to do things daily. I had great teachers for sure and I enjoy all the memories I have of of being a kid.

The air last night felt just as it did in the cool evenings when I we used to play catch all those years ago. Funny what can trigger a memory. Somehwere out there some child that I can't see, but can hear, is playing catch with his Dad. I hope he remembers some day how special this time is.

Play ball!

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