Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am 34, today!

It is funny to look at the actual number of years that I am old. It always takes me for a second, to catch my breathe when I realize I am that old. I have a lot of memories in this head of mine of birthdays.

My youngest memory, or maybe because I have seen it in photos so many times, but I remember the pink earrings and pink bubblegum colored nail polish when I was like three. The earring were plastic clip-ons that looked like dangling gems. This was the early 80's so they had to be fashionable. I look at those photos and wish somedays I could crawl back in there, being the little girl with my two best friends, my brother and sister. We had good growing up, we had it really good.

I remember my one birthday party, I think it was my golden birhday and had like 8 girls over, never had a party since but I do remember it was a sunny and windy day and we played the drop the clothespin in the jar game.

The one thing I can't do on my birthday is NOT go the day without thinking of my grandma. Grandma's birthday was June 2, so we would kind of share our birthdays, do a weekend cake thing. I know I am always talking about Grandma on here but there is just something so connecting with her, and here again on my birthday I can't help but remember her. I can't help but recall the birthday where I asked for Strawberry shortcake, and I got it in both forms. I got the doll, that was so popular at the time in the 80s, but Gramma made me strawberry shortcake as she thought that was what I wanted and the truth was I am was totally okay with it. But I also remember the icing she use to make for my angel food cakes that were hard to the touch but soft inside. Happy birthday Grandma!

Those are a few I remember, for the most part they are usually quiet, as in no big party. I however enjoy every one with the people I love and who love me the most, and that means the most to me. There are very few people we get the pleasure of knowing our whole life, and the same people that were there the day I was born and excited for my entrance into the world are excited to celebrate another year of me.

So, on this day I am happy to have celebrated another year, however rough the next year will be I know that on this day I was loved and celebrated for being me.

Mary Moe!

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