Thursday, June 2, 2011

Club Med

Just a quick update as I just realized it is now after 9 in the evening. I spent most of my day here at good old St. Mary's either sleeping or writhing in misery. The extra water weight has been frustrating and the new antibiotics cause me to be nauseus so I have not only tried to dry heave my way into the day but the only meal I got to eat didn't stay put either. It has been a long long long miserable day.

I did however perk up after my third nap and tylenol to find my parents waiting quietly as I slept. I love when I wake up to them, ever so quiet they are.

I was admitted yesterday noon, due to my lack of oxygen and the cough that has not improved. The new antibiotic is one they hope works but as infectious disease said they still have a few tricks up their sleeve. The other thing I learned today is that when you are on transplant list there are many more people (doctors) trying to make you better so, many more doctor visits. But it seems the transplant team is a whole different breed of doctors.

So, here's hoping to a few more than four hours of sleep tonight and maybe a better day tomorrow - with what I really hope is a shower. I look pretty pathetic today but the shower was the last thing I felt like doing.

More from Club Med in the days to come.

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