Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lottery

I was riding home today from Target, yes still riding in the back seat until my ribs heal, and the thing about riding is I get to observe things around me and today it was the lottery sign on the frontage road near Quality Woods on highway 52.

The lottery sign said, "What's Your Dream?" Or something similar and for a second I thought about what I might buy with $100+ million and as quick as my mind went to answer, it stopped. I thought what in this world would I do with that kind of money but more importantly what could it buy that I don't already have. Life is so fragile that anything I might buy is pointless if I died. So that last part might seem morbid, but after all money just buys stuff, it doesn't buy more time with the ones you love, it doesn't buy you more time on this earth, it doesn't take away pain and it doesn't bring back the ones you love and miss the most. It doesn't bring you forgiveness, or a closer relationship with God, it just brings you more crap that someone has to do something with once you are gone.

Don't get me wrong I love buying stuff as much as the next person, thus the reason I go to Target, but in the end I groaned about the price of makeup powder and opted for a price in between cheap and absolutely ridiculous, that and it was the only name brand makeup that gave me an option. 

I guess what I am trying to say is I realize that money, however important it is to pay the mortgage and bills, beyond that it isn't important how many cars I have, the size of house or the stuff I buy to fill it. Forget trying to win the lottery just try to enjoy each day for what it is and what you already have and when you see all the things you already have and the important people in it, that's when you know you have won the lottery.

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