Friday, December 2, 2011

The weekend

Today is Friday, which means the weekend is here, yea, or is it. Since being home from transplant I have an issue with time on my hands and I know I shouldn't complain seeing as I wished for it for so long. But this is unusual, part of it I suppose has to do with my body not letting me do things I want to, like standing for a length of time to do something, such as painting or work in the kitchen. Standing is tiring work, more so than doing the treadmill, which is also tiring but in a different way. I am also at my parents so it's not like being at home where you can putts around and do nothing but yet something, ya know. 

I still feel guilty when I sit and do something, like I should be doing something more productive, so now I have picked up knitting, I seem to have a bit of trouble on my yarn overs adding more than one stitch at a time, but practice makes perfect, right? I would bet my friend Karen is saying why did I pick up knitting when quilting would be an even better pastime, and I have thought of it. Frankly there are too many things I could do and want to do that I need to figure it out. I am usually out of the clinic by early afternoon so I have a whole afternoon to do something. I should head downstairs and finish painting my sisters painting so she can have it sooner rather than later.

Just a few short weeks ago my life was full of therapy, and therapy, and therapy and now there is none, I repeat NONE! So, see I can't complain because I got what I wanted and I don't know what to do with it.

As an update on my lungs. I was in clinic today, my weight has gone up a pound, which could be water retention but regardless I have been above 100 for over a week now and I will take it. My FEV1 continues to go up, that is my for forced expiratory volume in one second, I am currently at 64% lung function (maybe a bit more as I forgot to ask the percentage today), to put that in perspective, on June 13, the last time I had an FEV1 with my CF lungs I was at 15%, now how's that for a reason to be on a ventilator because the next day I crashed and two days later I a had the vent on me. I hopefully will continue to increase that over the months, potentially the next year.

I go in on dec. 8 for another bronch with biopsy, and pray there is no rejection, a bit nerve wracking. One day at a time, right. I am settling in a little more with my lungs, it is still hard for me to know when to say something is wrong or doesn't feel right. With my CF lungs there was always a pain or odd feeling or coughing something up that healthy lungs are hard to understand, it's getting better as the weeks go by. Now life will really be different when I wake up with no pain, that will be a day for celebration.

Ok, enough for today, between wanting to eat Christmas cookies that haven't been made and wanting to do way to many things I think I need to put my focus somewhere other than the computer, though I am still looking for good holiday crafts, oh what complaints huh?

Happy days to you all!

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  1. Looking for a giant time suck? Have you been on Pinterest? I have a board for you.