Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring, the musical

There are many great things about Spring, beyond the melting of the once white now brown snow. There are trees that begin to bud, flowers begin to emerge ever so eager to share their brilliant colors with the world. People start walking more and some reason wearing much less than the weather really is ready for, but to each their own. But my favorite part of Spring is the sound.

There is nothing more beautiful than the sounds of birds singing early in the morning as the sun begins to heat the earth. Standing on my deck as the sun melts each section of frost from the night before and warms each plank of wood so that my sock covered feet can tell where the sun has been and where it has yet to reach. As I soak up the sun I hear birds singing their hearts out to the tune of a new day. Cardinal, chickadee, and morning dove, just to name a few, sing to each other in the crisp fresh morning air. As the steam rises from my coffee cup I close my eyes and listed to the music they make and know that we have survived another winter to hear the beautiful sounds of the birds again.

I think the birds are just as happy as we are that Winter is behind us.

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