Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back in pain

Literally, my back is in pain once again. A great day of coughing up crap. Love days when it just comes out with not too much fuss. But I guess I coughed maybe a little too hard or something, so here I am back in back pain once again. Since last time the pain was not something they could see on an x-ray I am taking this pain tomorrow to the chiropractor...wish me luck. I am hoping it is just a muscle or a displaced disk, sounds nice, but anything but a lung issue. Maybe it's just a mucus plug, not the pregnancy kind but similar. I have had a couple plugs come up and am hoping that I just have a nasty big one stuck and it just needs to POP out. So I say POP already, I am tired of this torture.

So last night I was standing at my basement door waiting once again for Mr. Marco. It was raining so I just stood leaning out the patio door under the deck as the rain dripped down all around me. The leaves on the trees were moving with raindrops and I was always thinking it was something moving in the tree. You would think after like ten times of saying to myself, 'oh what's that?' and answer for the tenth time, 'oh, just the rain' but nope I kept looking for something and I am  not really sure why it mattered or why I cared. We have a very bird filled backyard. So even on that note why would it matter if it was another wren, or cardinal, or chickadee? I guess I must just like seeing things. And just like that my wish was fulfilled, it wasn't just a bird, it was one I have yet to see in our backyard, there in the dreary evening rain in front of the most fragrant lilacs, a hummingbird. I blinked as I thought I was imagining it, wondering if it was my imagination but no, it was really real. It only stayed long enough for me to believe I was seeing a hummingbird and then it was gone.

So a small sighting with a large benefit, but it made my day. Hope you see something just as marvelous that puts a smile on your face.

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