Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Good, The Bad (but could be worse), and the Ugly

As with everything in life there are multiple facets, as I have found to be the case with new healthy lungs. 

The good, by far the best, part of this situation is no ventilator, no suctioning volumes of crap a.k.a pus from my lungs every hour like a drippy faucet that won't quit, no vinyl mattress to sleep on, no nurses at three in the morning to hook up a med, on the same note no stupid iv pumps randomly screaming that they need attention just the moment you fell asleep after laying awake for two hours, and of course the ability to enjoy things again like reading, or watching tv, or playing the wii. Also, I am absorbing all my drugs almost too good, that is new. Oh I forgot the best, I can now make it to the basement, well more importantly back up the 16 steps, yay!

The bad (but could be worse), did I mention no vinyl bed or nurses waking me, the bad is I still can't sleep without drugs, still have to get up at least once if not twice to pee during the night which is super annoying especially if I have just fallen asleep, and up until yesterday I dreamt a nurse was at my bedside during the night (no nurse in particular just a nurse), trying to gain weight but avoiding too much salt, and now too much potassium. On the vent unit with my CF lungs I was always low potassium, now I have the opposite problem and it is sad how many things I like to eat are medium to high in potassium. Of course the elephant that still sits on my chest daily from being stretched/contorted in a very unnatural manner, and the sternum that is wired back together, but I say it could be worse.

The ugly, basically that comes down to the reaction to the drugs, the shakiness, which I am afraid will effect my art and detail ability (we will find out today), the broken out or acne skin, I hate that but hope it I'll go away in time, and my favorite 'ugly' the socks I wear to keep down the swelling in my ankles, if you are familiar with Mama, from the show Mama's Family and her rolled down brown knee highs, that's what these are like. Hopefully I won't have to wear them this summer with my shorts, sundress or worse yet, my swimsuit. 

So, there you have it! I think my lists probably could be longer but that's what I am thinking of today. I am off to do something productive, maybe even creative, while I continue to consume my eight daily magnesium pills, yup, I may not be low in potassium but I make up for it in magnesium depletion.

Have a great day, enjoy those Christmas decorations as they start going up today.

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