Monday, November 28, 2011

Can There be Too Much Art?

On Saturday I spent two hours working on my sisters triptic, I have put a lot of hours into it and really thought I was mostly done...I was wrong.

The last time I painted on it was in September I believe when I was in the hospital but I hit a wall and refused to work on it further, I believed I would one day finish it outside the hospital. I certainly believed I would and I am nearly there, at this point anyone who can mix two colors together could finish it but I am so happy to see it come together as it has.

Mostly though I am excited to be able to focus on something beyond my daily goings on related to my health. I am also able to focus enough to read, part of this has to do with going off the heavy drugs and sleeping pill. Been four nights since I took a sleeping pill, doesn't mean my sleeping is great but I am hoping the quality is better when I finally do fall asleep. Last night I finally gave up after an hour and a half of tossing and turning and went to the couch, fell asleep instantly and stayed there until four am, go figure.

Well I am off to the mall for some activity, aka, black Friday return. Wanting a pair of black boots, can't seem to find what I want except on other peoples feet!

By the way where is the sun hiding these days?

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