Friday, November 18, 2011

Long day, longer to come

Today was a long one at the clinic, but a good one. Got to be with my doctor of the last ten years or so. Always a comfort, he is thorough always, honest and truthful, however today no comments on my hair, so it must not have looked too bad.

He did tell me I am too worried, and part of that has to do with the fact I am still on some drugs he would like to see me off of, like Lorizipan, Ambien, and Dilauded. Guess I'm a little out of it, so off I go gradually and we shall see what happens.

I also have been removed from the antibiotics, Ceftazadime, Cipro, and TOBI. I am changed to one IV Vancomyacin because I have staph infection, of course. They found that when they pulled my pigtail. So I lose three and gain one that takes an hour, but it's movable so I can do anything but shower with it.

Which speaking of showering, I just got a shower chair, that should make that process easier, thanks to used stores like Salvation Army for a good used purchase.

Checked out pulmonary Rehab today which will help me use these new lungs to the best they can be. My next week feels tiring already. I just have to learn how to work and when to rest. I just need to gain weight, I am trying and I am always hungry, the prednisone burst for three days has messed up my gut and made eating harder, but hopefully that will fix in the next couple days.

Well enough about that. I got to ride in the super clean Honda last night. Chris was kind enough to take it through Simonize for a full inside and out wash, it looked brand new for a 14+ , year old car, I still love my baby. Give me three months and I will be behind that wheel.

Happy trails.

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