Thursday, April 18, 2013

Genetic Procrastination

I will not complain about the weather, I will not complain about the weather, I will not complain about the weather!!!

So, with that said, I look out over the beautiful dusky sky and say how lucky I am to have another day on this earth. I will say that the copious amounts of rain have nicely cleaned off my patio furniture, the table top shines, thank you mother nature. Now when can I get that umbrella out to keep the sun at bay?

Been working in my studio/art space the last few days on illustrations for my aunts book. It has been great, although I have discovered a few things. First, I need better lighting, the one fixture with crappy bulbs is not great for creating. Two, I need a better chair and maybe a foot stool. I currently sit on a wooden stool with at cushion on the seat and I put my feet on the rungs but it hurts my feet after awhile. Third, I need to have my desk up at an angle as I keep my head bent so long that I end up with a neck ache. Finally I really need to clean up in there, I pull stuff out and it never makes its way back to it's home spot, which I realize this is a fault on my part not the space itself. But my organizer, aka my brother, is coming this weekend to help remedy some of my issues so let's hope that helps for a the long term.

Also need to reorganize our furniture. The great thing about our house is we have a lot of space, if we had kids we would be set for play space but instead with just the two of us and three pieces of exercise equipment, two of them huge, and lots of furniture especially in areas we don't use we really need to figure something out. I think Chris and I like change too much, or maybe it is because we have little control of the important things that the one thing we can do is move our furniture around. Seems about every three months we rotate how we have our living room. Partly because we really don't have a focal point. We don't have TV in that room so it is more just sitting, and no fireplace so it just all faces each other one way or another.  I dream of a fireplace one day, and hardwood floors, oh and skylight in the kitchen. Which in our house the kitchen, dining room, and living room would all benefit from a sky light as it is one big space divided by a 3/4 wall around the kitchen. So someday when we win the lottery we will get these nice upgrades, until then we will just keep rearranging furniture.

The CF walk is in a couple weeks and I have yet to start my speech. Wish me well on that as I hate public speaking, makes sense doesn't it that I would wait to do my speech. I always work best under pressure, just ask my parents. My mother does not prefer this method; however, this is a shining moment of my fathers genes coming through. Thank you Dad!

I now must decide if it is nap time or art time. I have to be back at the clinic around 2 and this beautiful day says I should sleep! We will see what wins over my body or my brain.

And because I can never get enough of this video and it makes me smile on gloomy days, enjoy!

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