Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Right-side, Left-side

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't mention the state of the weather at this moment, seems to be high priority around these parts lately. Today, sunny, later today forecast, rain. Hmph.

So I have been putting a lot of time in my studio these days. My brother came and organized me this past weekend and it was great. It always helps to have an outside perspective on something. Of course when one wakes up at 3 am and suddenly panics because they can't remember where they have now stored their bubble wrap this becomes a whole other problem.

I have stated previously that being an artist can be a real pain in the derriere, especially for me. I have an issue with the left-side and right-side of the brain. Some days I wake up just ready to create and things go smoothly. Everything I want to accomplish I do and I feel just great at the end of the day for what I have accomplished. Other days, like yesterday, it's like I put the pencil or brush to my paper and everything comes out wrong and the whole day goes that way with my art.

Some days I find my left-side takes over and just won't let go, it tells me what I am working on needs to be realism, that any kind of deviation off of that and the project is wrong. The problem is I then tend to overwork what I am doing and get absolutely frustrated, then I have ruined what I am making. I also find myself upset that I have just used up a perfectly good piece of paper on something that didn't turn out.

When I can't make something work I go to the internet and search whatever it is I am working on, watercolor, drawing, figure, flower and get a perspective on where I am going wrong. Usually I get more discouraged because I look at others artwork and wonder why I can't do what they did, simply stated, and how the whole essence of what the object is remains completely clear without ever line or dot.

I think sometimes that is why I like crocheting because I get to follow a pattern, there is no creativity other than color choices. I just follow the directions someone else has laid out and I follow it to the letter. There is no deviation, a double crochet will give you the same look time over time.

Today I will attempt again, changing things up to see if it makes a difference. Trying to let my right-side be in charge instead of the left.

If I succeed I will share my success. If I don't I will probably share my disappointment, so either way stay tuned.

Today I leave you with a little Journey.


  1. Sarah, just catching up on your blogging. I really liked your iris watercolor. It was super. Keep your chin up Sarah,,,Mike Siebenaler

  2. "Some days I find my left-side takes over and just won't let go." I have the same problem. For me it has to do with self-conciousness. I'm too worried that it won't look good enough, instead of being focused on my goal, which is not to impress others, but to express myself in my imperfection. When I get the right focus, sometimes it works great, sometimes not, but it is always a positive experience.