Friday, February 25, 2011


The sun does more than warm the earth, it makes my day a whole lot happier. I love sitting here in the dining room in the morning with the sun streaming in. If I could have one thing everyday of my life, it would be sunshine, it's a natural high.

So, as I try to put the pile of information this week neatly sorted in my brain, I will move forward with other tasks at hand. This morning I must finish the Adaptive cover for community education. Should be fun, somewhere I have to find tennis shoes for the back cover or I have to create them myself. Sometimes creating something that small is much less time consuming then finding them in the right format.

Watched Grey's Anatomy last night, missed the first few minutes but soon figured that the guy waiting to get new lungs had CF, ironic. But as any TV or movie would have it, there was a twist. The guy's girlfriend (soul mate) also had CF, and unless they broke up, the docs wouldn't give him the lungs that they had waiting for him. I guess I missed the part about them finding out she had CF also, she had Pulmozyme in her purse and of course every CFer across America said at the same time, "Why would she have Pulmozyme in her purse?" Seriously, couldn't they have just stuck with enzymes. Kind of like an inside joke I guess, but Pulmozyme needs to be refrigerated even though it can be out for 12 hours,  you still need a neb and compressor in that purse also, carrying it around is pointless. Oh, I guess the reason for the breakup was that she having CF would re-infect his lungs. After reading all my infection disease info, I can understand, but according to that same info my Christmas tree could cause me problems too...pick your battles.

Hope the sun shines for you too, wherever you may be.


  1. So no artificial tree, no real tree, or either? And you have wash your bananas? Boy a whole set of new rules to fill the time you currently use for your vest and pulmozyme. The sunlight will help you with that vitamin d thing too!

  2. The tree comment is in reference to being careful not to get scratched. Scratches get infected and and infection is bad. When I put up our tree I always look like a cat attacked me. So, long sleeves and gloves. And yes wash bananas and anything that has a 'coat', that is where problems come from is the bacteria on the outside of the fruit ends up inside from not washing first. Of course 'coatless' fruit also. Just cold water rinse is all that is required.