Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today was another day at the clinic, four more tests down, too many to count left to go. I have had an up and down day, I am always thrown off when I can't start my day as I usually do with Albuterol. Most people might think of a hot shower, or fresh cup of coffee as the thing that gets them started in the morning. For me it's a mad dash out of bed to the Albuterol and strap on my vest. Not that I enjoy trying to yack up every thing out of my lungs that has been sitting there while I slept, but without my morning routine in check it makes my whole day off.

Today was my first mammogram, now I can say I understand what the 'flat as a pancake' term refers to. Seriously, how can a breast get that flat, and the position that you hang to for dear life is insane. So to all women God Bless you, I now have joined the club.

As I sat in the cafeteria area trying to enjoy my very hot Chai Latte before heading off to test three I suddenly realized how loud it was. I have always been a people watcher too, so between listening and watching I felt slightly over stimulated and finally got up to leave. I would catch snippets of conversation as people went by, one young woman was apparently very unhappy with someone. Reminded me of high school the way she was complaining. You know 'can you believe Suzie had the nerve to ask Johnny out when I just broke up with him last week' that kind of stupid conversation.  People from all walks of life, people who look confused, people who look tired, and people who walk so fast you wonder what kind of urgency they are attending too. Mostly I can say I noticed a lot of people carrying coffee or the like.

Tomorrow is blood gas and 6-minute walk, not too bad just be glad when they are over. 

Now I think I will go ride my bike to no where and watch a little TV.

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