Monday, February 14, 2011

Today will be the first post in what I hope to be many days ahead. I chose the quote from Kalidasa as a way to acknowledge the importance and beauty of each day. Every day is a gift.

I have started this blog as a journal of the journey I am about to begin. I suppose you could say this journey began when I was 18 months old and was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. At that time life expectancy was 18 years old, today it is 37. But as we all know those are statistics and although they make us all feel better the reality is all we have is today.

My lungs of 33 years have finally had enough of the constant bacteria and junk waging a war in there and are 'tired'. Thus, I am tired too.

The journey that I am about to embark on, is the journey toward double lung transplant. It isn't for everyone, and probably the most mentally and physically taxing event of my life.

Today I began my first round of tests for transplant evaluation. Started off with 15 vials of blood, that seems pretty reasonable. Tomorrow will be day two, and no needles involved - I'll take that.

On a side note with an oxygen tube stuck to my face 24/7, I am now the person that other people stare at or feel sad for. I used to look at people like that too, well frankly, still do. Guess I look at other people and think how awful for them what they must be going through. Even though I know what I am going through I feel compassion for other people as though I have had a smooth ride my whole life. Guess I have always believed, thanks to my Dad, that there is always someone worse off. So even at one of my lowest points I realize that there are people who are struggling more than me.

May you learn to appreciate every dawn as a chance for happiness, a true gift.

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