Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hurry and wait

Guess I can't really say I was hurrying for yesterday to come, since yesterday was going to come regardless if I was waiting for it or not. It was more the fact that yesterday was the final verdict on three weeks of tests and meetings, highs and lows.

I was a good little girl and held onto all the patience I had yesterday, tried to tidy up things around the house, only to cause more stuff to be scattered about. Which hopefully today I will tidy up yesterdays messes without creating a house that looks like a hoarder lives here. I try to stick to one thing Alana, my sister-in-law, said in reference to the GTD book the two-minute rule. I have to say that makes a difference. I am also trying much harder to put things back in their place once used, I haven't perfected it yet, obviously or yesterdays tidying would have gone differently; however, I am trying not to use my distracted mind to go from one spot to another doing different things and never completely finishing the first.

Yesterday, I did four loads of laundry with the help of my laundry fairy who came home in time to dry and hang for me. I also pulled out my easel, since painting is impossible without that and it was so exciting to put it together I nearly cried (I said nearly). I spent a lot of time with that easel, mind you it isn't made from some exotic beautiful wood but it has memories and it traveled to college and back with me, so it is a little like visiting a friend again.

I also had a nice long visit with the oxygen delivery guy. I learned his wife is in a band, he went to college in Winona, he is 39, he has two big dogs, he lives in a nearly 100 year old house, and like shoping at Cabelas. I think either he sits in his delivery truck all day and has no one to talk to so when he gets to a delivery he stops to chat OR he feels bad for all of us on oxygen since we are likely more homebound and feels it is his duty to break up our day. In any case he is a great guy, just that yesterday I had just reheated my indian food when he came to the door so my mind was on lunch not chit chat. I like to think that maybe I made his day a little nicer by taking time to chat, and he probably thought the same thing when he left.

All in all I kept busy yesterday as I was trying to be patient. Today I will do better, I have more to accomplish and even a visitor - not the oxygen guy again.

Now off to unload my house of it's hoarding potential.

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