Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Comma or Two

Two posts in one day, that either says I am not staying as focused on my hoarding reduction comment as stated in the previous post, or I just had another brilliant thought that I needed to share. Because, as you know the world would be lost without my insightes.

I am not the best writer in the world, if you haven't figured that out yet. I tend to put commas in places they DON'T belong, and not enough periods. In school I always had the RO written in my margins when I got papers back from teacher. RO, what the heck, maybe that's how I speak, one long sentance with nothing but a quick breath before moving on to a seemlingly endless thought or conversation (did I do it, here)? Or writing too fast that I use the wrong tense of the word but spell check doesn't catch it. Actually, on this computer for some reason the spell checker on the blog doesn't work properly, gotta have something to blame.

Even though I might not be a grammatically correct writer, I enjoy writing. I used to write stories as kid, made up of all sorts of things and it was great. I think it started after I decided reading was fun. I hated to read as a kid, I used to fill out my reading log by having read - as slow as possible - the Readers Digest humor sections. I must have one day wandered off of humor and onto one of their stories and found that reading was actually enjoyable, I also recall that the first books that ever caught my eye were Nancy Drew, I read one and I was hooked.

I loved reading then and still do, even though I do very little of it these days. I also don't do much writing any more, like painting and all those great things I walked away from them since there was so many other things to do. But as of late I have decided that all these things are returning me to a state of joy that has ceased to exist in my life. Now, don't take that as I don't have joy in my life, because I do and you all know who you are that bring me joy. But there is a difference in the joy that life brings from doing things that come within, things that are created by your head and or your hands. Just as much as painting is wholly me, so is my writing. I will never be pulitzer worthy I might not even be Good Housekeeping worthy (no offense GH) but I am Sarah worthy and it feels good.

So, if I use too many commas or not enough periods then so be it. It's me, it's how I write and you will eventually get my drift.

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