Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Monday!

Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water.

My Monday started out that I was to have an meeting with the director of CE to discuss my coming back to work. Instead I found myself at the clinic, the place I was not suppose to be this week and now I find I will be there in some capacity everyday but Friday. 

I've had this stupid wheezy feeling and something is stuck sort of feeling in my chest for s few days now and last night I decided today I would call in and get an answer. My answer was to have blood drawn, a PFT, a CT, and meet with the doctor, and meeting with the doctor has led to a bronchoscopy on tuesday, another CT, then blood Wednesday and another dr. Appointment on Thursday. Throw in that I will likely end up on iv antibiotics. The bronchoscopy will do a couple things tomorrow as it is also a biopsy, it will tell us whether what they saw on the CT is rejection or not, or infection. I believe they think infection and I hope that's what it is.

What sucks is I just spent the weekend at my house and Chris and I talked about me coming home more frequently as I am not at the clinic as much, and we can start setting things in motion for my arrival, well this throws a wrench in that plan. Welcome to the always unsure, never set in stone life of Sarah Hackenmiller.

So, as I sit here pedaling my bike to no where, I hope and pray tomorrow brings good news, either way I know an iv is in my future and more therapies and drugs. I shall take it in stride as that is what I signed up for with new lungs. One step forward, three back, eventually I will find even ground, or at least good shoes for the journey.

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