Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What a week!

So to update the world or my part of it today the life of me is ever increasingly changing. 

So my bronch, for those who don't follow me on Carepages, showed up with A3 rejection again. Today I was back at the doctors to discuss this and I have learned a couple or more things. I also have an infection, be it a fungal or bacterial we do not know at this point but are treating it as both along with the infection. Until we get labs back on the secretions they pulled during the bronch, we don't know what we are fighting. We can't do many these rejections too many more, ideally not again as rejections can cause damage. So my maintenance dose of daily prednisone will go back up to ten twice a day, as when we drop below seven I end up with rejection it appears. 

With that said by upping my prednisone we are reducing my ability to fight infection and increasing my chance of the Ebv/Cmv from my donor to rear it's head. Which to jog memories, the Cmv is treatable fairly simply, the Ebv can lead to lymphoma which is treatable with chemotherapy, in any case these to are the lesser a better option than rejection.

So, never great news but always worse possible. I am more worried about my two days of no exercise due to all my time at the clinic and zero night feeds due to all this fasting I have had to do. Whew. My first week since transplant that I wasn't to be at the clinic, I will, by Friday have been there everyday.

I am heading off to bed. And if you happen to be reading this while sitting in the Carribean please enjoy some of that sun for me.

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