Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a New Year

It was brought to my attention that I haven't written since December 16, so for those avid readers I apologize. I guess we could look at it as good, that I have been so busy, things have been stable, and I haven't had much to say. But I will do my best to keep up on this again.

I am now at the clinic only once a week as I am nearing my three months post transplant on January 23. This weeks appointments were uneventful, I am not requiring a transfusion as my hemoglobin has gone up, thankfully, and everything else is stable. Oh the best news was yesterday in the lab I blew an Fev1 of 2.28 that comes out to a 71% lung function, I am very close to what is considered "normal" for lung function, not that I plan or want it to stop raising once I get there. The highest number I ever recall seeing for me goes back to when I was about 18 and that was 83%. let's take a moment of pause and put this whole thing in

Since I have picked up my new hobby of knitting, I have completed five dishcloths and currently have three scarves, one dishcloth, and one afghan in the making. I bought a knitting loom, the loom is much quicker than hand knitting, but I am still using my knitting needles for one of the scarves. Although I should say depending on the type of project you do on the loom, the type of knitted pattern you want, it can take a long time. One of these days I will post my some of my projects, if I can get photos to come up.

I have also been trying to paint, or in this case create a piece of multiple- media art, I reserve judgement on my project right now as I seem to take a fly by the seat of my pants attitude when it comes to creating art the requires paint and other mediums. Not only that but I started the biggest project of my life a couple weeks ago, which I will not share with you what it is at this moment as it is still way too early. Finally I have three books to read, but only one have I started. I seriously do not have enough time in my day to do all these things on top of eating, exercising, and doing my daily maintenance chores, whew. 

Last week I started using my feeding tube again, in hopes to gain some weight. My goal right now is to reach 115 pounds, and when I do then I will be happy to have my peg tube removed. I also told my pregnant friend that I would gain 20-25 pounds right along with her. She gets a new bundle of joy and I get a new wardrobe...not sure who's luckier! 

I hope this new year finds you all doing well and that things go your way this year. I don't know what each new day brings but looks like I am trying to fill it up and make the most of each day, I hope you do the same. As we all know, today is the only day we know we have.

Happy New Year, here's to new adventures!

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