Friday, February 3, 2012

Got stuff? Pitch it!

Today I was at my house organizing...stuff. One does not realize the amount of stuff they have until they are trying to find room to put it. In this case some of the locations were, the garbage, the donation pile, and it's intended destination, a closet or drawer. At the end of the day you sit back and say, why do I have all this stuff?

I believe we have six kinds of coffee in the cupboard, more if you count the assorted variety pack of coffee for the Keurig. We have at least six different boxes/kinds of tea, again more if you count the kind for the Keurig. I own three black sweaters that any guy would say were exactly alike and frankly there isn't much difference between each of them. I have more small blankets to snuggle up with than a small village would have or even need, more end tables then any one house should have unless you own, say, a mansion in LA. I officially have more mugs* in my cupboard then actual drinking glasses, which by the way my new motto is, dishes that don't match and mugs without a partner.

I could go on, but I won't because then you will begin to think I am a hoarder and I am not, I apparently just like stuff -take a trip to IKEA and you will know what I mean, one cannot leave that store without buying a light, a towel, a dish ware or utensil, if you can go and not buy you are very strong, it's like a giant suck magnet to me.

In any case I feel really good about my progress today, I got rid of stuff and am going to do my best to not replace it with stuff that in three years time I will ask myself "why did I buy another one of these?"

Take an hour or ten minutes and remove some unnecessary stuff from your life, whether it be tangible or maybe taking up space in your head. Remove it, you will feel lighter for doing so.

Happy pitching!

*in my defense these mugs are all gifts over the years never ones I bought. The matching ones were part of our wedding dish gift that has disappeared one broken dish at a time over the years

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