Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home, take 2

Woke up at home today, slept nearly 8 hours last night, awesome. Mind you I was up at 4 am yesterday and never got a nap in. Apparently I missed my bed all these months. Still getting used to traversing my bedroom in the dark. This new bed has left me with multiple bruises all below my knees, good thing it isn't summer people might think I am drunk all the time and can't walk straight.

Today is dose three and final dose of high prednisone, I can feel its effects but push through as I have to keep the legs strong, and the more I sit the harder it is to get going again. I can really feel the water retention from it in my knees as the day goes on. Main reason I never went downstairs last night to do the treadmill, that and I was tired, but today I will make the voyage, if nothing else as an excuse to exercise and watch my latest season one Dr. Who episode, thank you Tony! I am thinking I ought try the elliptical for 5 minutes today if my legs can handle it. Yippy, only been like a year since I stopped doing it and rode just the treadmill toward the end of my sick days back last winter.

I am trying something new on my blog, don't know how often I will get it updated, but at the end of the page I have included some poetry or quotes, nothing I have written as poetry has never been my thing, but maybe someday I will give it a try. My 7 year old niece is much more accomplished in that department. Oh my, I just had another great idea, stay tuned for that one. I also hope to one day give this blog a better look, I am a graphic designer for Pete's sake, I should be able to make it a little more polished. Lots to do these days and such little time.

Better get my butt in gear. My clinic appointment will be here before I know it and much yet to be accomplished.

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