Monday, February 27, 2012

Rejection, bronch and repeat!

No less than 34.5 hours ago I entered St. Mary's for what I thought was my abscess returning. I didn't want to panic as I know that does no good in these situations. Seeing as I had just spent my first official night at home I really was hesitant to call in but I realize also that with new lungs caution is key. So by Saturday afternoon I made the decision at 2:30 to call in, by 4:30 I was sitting with my doc up in on transplant and the decision was to admit me for an early sunday morning bronch. Lucky for me the doc who did my bronch that was part of my life saving team a couple weeks ago was on this weekend along with my cf/transplant doc, so it was a good weekend to go in.

Turns out I was wrong, it wasn't my abscess at all, yippee, but instead, rejection ...again, crap. Not at all what I wanted to hear, but the good 'ol dr. Scott assured me it was okay and that we just need to get a better hold on my anti-rejection. This body of mine is just too strong, my immune system having been so used to fighting infection during my crappy cf lung days that it is what it wants to do, fight my happy new lungs that appear out of place. Some adjustments need to be made again. For now I am back on high doses of prednisone which will once again weaken my legs and keep sleep from me, thus the reason I have been awake since 4 am and find myself drawing and blogging. If I had paints I would be doing that right now.

Hopefully I will go home today and yes to my house, continue getting settled, again. My first rejection scare three months ago I cried as I was so scared, yesterday I said, oh great! Two months ago I still wasn't sure if all these ups and downs were worth it, the pain, mental frustration, fear, and uncertainty. But today I can honestly say that hugging and being hugged by my nieces and nephews, spending time with my parents, sitting in the dinning room on a sunny saturday morning with my husband, playing and losing poorly Words with friends with my sister, or asking my brother umpteen questions about random things, that my friends is worth every single moment of this journey. Each extra day, however many there are is a true blessing.

Now go enjoy the day! I am going to try and get some more sleep!

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