Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here is what I know about the hospital, one never expects to get good sleep, between nurse visits, and loud obnoxious beeping, and blaring machines one will never get adequate sleep to heal whatever is the cause of the visit in the first place. I also know that the minute a nurse wakes you up you will inevitably have to make a trip to the bathroom before you can even attempt to fall back asleep. Last night I believe I made four trips to the restroom, not a big deal until you have to pull your iv pole and roll up your way to long gown while half awake and make sure you pee in the top hat, if you know what I mean great if not, you are lucky.

As I sit in my very quaint room I get to watch the construction out my window, a large crane is moving buckets of dirt from one side of the building to another, it is very entertaining and monotonous at the same time. 

I will admit that I am not exactly tech savvy with this iPad, I can't seem to get photos to upload, I can't update my FB photo and I can't seem to get photos on here. My lung photos I used a different computer. My goal was to attach photos of my newest but not biggest scar, my lung transplant is by far my biggest and best scar followed by this latest 3+ inch one on my throat, but the good news, it took away my trachea scar. So a longer scar but less ugly. I apparently have a great ability to have strange things wrong with me like my latest jaw breaker sized abscess that erupted, yum during surgery. I met one of the thoracic fellows today that was in my my surgery he came in and restitched and repositioned my drain tube. Apparently it was interesting and he was quite pleased that I still had my voice as they were next to the nerve that controls voice.

Hopefully it will not return and with that I am going to see about a nap, the loud noises seem to have quieted, of course the minute I close these hazel eyes the machines will begin again. Calgon, take me away....

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