Friday, May 20, 2011

Blue Skies

No blue skies today. But inside the clouds are clearing. The excruciating pain I experienced earlier in the week is all but gone. In it's wake it has left me with the fullest cough, which coughing crap out is good it just takes a lot of energy. One of the hard parts is getting back to eating all those calories. I think all the weight (like 2) pounds I gained I lost with being sick, but I sure tried to eat fat small thing when I did eat. It's really hard to eat when you end up coughing afterwards and spend the next 30+ minutes trying to keep the food from revisitng. So far today my hot chocolate has stayed put. Of  course I look at the clock and realize it is nearly 11 am and I have only devoured about 200 hundred calories. I got a long way to go today.

Tonight my sister and niece are coming. It is the weekend we scheduled that I would get to spend time with Josie. I wish I felt better or was more exciting for her. Now this is the girl that helped me make it up onto the quarry at Quarry Hill this past fall, by finding me a walking stick and an assured arm around my waist the whole way and she was only 10 at the time, and before I had oxygen. But my sister assures me that Josie and I could just sit and stare at each other and we would have a great time. I hope I can offer a little more than that, but it is good to know she just loves being with me, and of course I her. Just that beautiful face makes me smile from ear to ear.

Today I have a link that some of my regulars might enjoy, the story of a 52 year old who is 13 years post transplant.
Hope it works, if not let me know.

Hope your weekends are full of joy and blue skies wherever you are, real or figurative.

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