Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I love Minnesota, I think it is a beautiful state and it has a lot to offer. But for crying out loud our weather sucks. We spend all of April cold and rainy and the first part of May, then wham a day of hot and humid.

The longer I live the more I dislike winter. I get cold very easily and can't warm up, going outside just makes me anxious. Too many layers the jacket and then carrying a purse or bag (for oxygen) when I can never seem to find my shoulders to actually hold things on. And with so many layers I can't bend down and I always feel constricted to move. I go out at night just to go shopping or something and I shiver so bad I want to throw up. So, no, winter isn't my favorite season and I wait, wait, wait for warm spring and summer.

It seems though we can't actually have a spring this year, we went from winter into some season that really should have it's own name (miserable maybe). Then a slap in the face of the heat and humidity of a typical MN summer day in the middle of July. I found myself yesterday equally as uncomfortable in yesterdays heat as I do in the middle of -10 degree day in January. I was so hot, I couldn't hardly do anything but sit still, on top of that I woke up with a head cold yesterday and that always makes me feel clammy. So, even though I was looking forward to some heat, I have to say, yesterday was not what I was wanted.

Now, had our air conditioner been hooked up, the day might have turned a little different. But when our furnace went out and was replaced in January, the AC was disconnected. So, on the coldest day in January we lost our heat, and yesterday on the hottest day in May we have no AC. It was 86 in our house and all windows and three fans did their best to keep us cool. The place that gave us respite was the basement, it had to be at least 25 degrees cooler down there. If only there was a bed down there, how nice that would have been.

So, I guess it comes down to no matter what the weather is I will complain. I really just would like 80 with a slight breeze and sunny. Seriously, is that too much to ask for? Oh, wait, it is because this is Minnesota and there really are only two season: frigid cold and humid hot.

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