Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly rundown

My absence this week has only been because I felt I had a lack of things to say, in reality there is a lot to say but nothing new or exciting more than the usual humdrum as of late. Did that sentence make any sense?

In any case, I have been home since Monday, I was at the clinic on Thursday and met with the good dr. W. Dr. W is always good for conversation and finding answers to these strange and crazy things that seem to plague me, and I am beginning to feel like some weird transplant anomaly, but I would guess some other transplanters feel the same way at times. Well Dr. W walked into the room Thursday and gave me a look of question, a question of perplexing curiosity. In simple words it was a conversation as such, "how do we go from no rejection to rejection in 10 days?" Frankly, if he doesn't know how the heck am I suppose to know. Also, "the noise you heard when breathing is not what people would hear to indicate rejection." I reiterated that the noise I "heard" I assumed was my abscess coming back. So, not only do I have weird breathing, and weird listening skills, I also have the ability to reject at the snap of a finger, yea for me!

In the end I gained myself two more tests and if I fail, or pass both depending on ones frame of reference or positive attitude I could find myself having another surgery. And hold up for this, this surgery would be to prevent acid reflux, yup you heard me. A new theory is acid reflux is making its way into my lungs causing the rejection, or what looks like rejection, or something along those lines. So, seriously, this just seems to get more perplexing than anything. Somedays I feel like a walking time bomb, waiting for the next confusing thing to pop up. At this point I will just not get too excited about it. I have too many other things to focus on and that is probably a good thing.

On a great note my breathing test improved. I finally made it out of the 2.2s and hopefully will make it into the 2.4s soon. When I do, you will know.

As the evening winds down I find myself looking forward to crawling into bed and cuddling up under those warm blankets. Last night I slept the best I have in days, it was great and yet I still didn't want to get up, but then again who does when it's gloomy out like it was today. Guess I am itching for some spring warm weather to get outside a little more.

Oh, aside from the good breathing news I am now able to eat fresh fruits and veggies, just so long as I clean them properly. And tonight for the first time I ate something made by my sister, yes, I ate a magic bar. The first homemade food that wasn't made by my parents or myself, in someone else's kitchen. It was great and almost felt forbidden. I enjoyed every crumb. True I did eat Tonys bagels and bread but that was different somehow, guess because I was there when he made it.

Hope you have some sweet dreams, I already had mine wide awake.

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