Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Topsy Turvy Tuesday

Ah, another 24 hour visit to club Saint Mary's behind me. I went in on Sunday afternoon after I received a phone all that my WBC (white blood count) was .7 or 700, they prefer I be at least around 4,000. With such a low WBC I am way more susceptible to picking up any little bug and also anything that might already be in my body deciding to kick up and I would have no way to fight it. So, as per usual transplant the goal is to keep the WBC low enough as to not want to reject my lungs but high enough to fight off infection. So, all my drugs are currently changed up, what I once was on is either stopped or halved. I was also given a drug to help boost my WBC, which I was told had side effects and after injection two I thought I was home free, alas I was not. I got up off the chair last night and my hips hurt, then my knees then my back and what a rotten night it was from there.

This morning as I went for my now daily blood draw I got to see a couple I have meet through transplant, Lynn (the transplanted) and her husband Charlie. Since I no longer do pulmonary rehab at the clinic I don't see them and today was the first time in probably six weeks, at least since before my abscess issue. It was so good to see them, and so good to have a conversation with someone who has experienced the same things, she to has dealt with low WBC and had the same side effects. She has had other issues, different then mine but again we all seem to have some weird differences post transplant. It's good to know someone that has the same ups and downs each day and thinks and hopes the same thing each day. That the one good day is the turning point and then waking up the next day only to feel like poo again and thinking will this ever get better. These meetings are almost better than support group because they are one on one, and in this case L and C, don't attend support group (which I only occasionally do), but I really enjoy their company.

I know someday you will all get tired of reading my ups and downs of transplant, and I hope that one day transplant stories will be 'on a side note' rather than the ramblings of my blog post. I have somethings that I am hoping to get posted on here soon that are transplant related, I will see how soon I can accomplish this.

Well, my back is starting to talk to me that I should either get up or lie down, I can't decide which but in any case it hurts and something is being called for.

I hope to do another painting today. Three last week, was pretty great. I did some drawings in the hospital, I woke up one morning and drew something in my head, later that day I put it on paper and I think it might be the inspiration for a future painting. This has really been taking off. Now if only I wouldn't balk every time I looked at the price of canvas frames. The other problem is I get overwhelmed when buying frames, because I look at the price, the size of the frame and say - can I paint something on there worthy of that frame price? Then I think, I can't just keep collecting my paintings, I need to sell them or something, so then there is that whole issue. Ugh, such problems, right? I mean I can paint, how cool is that and I will just continue to enjoy that I can do that - for now.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Seriously, we got those canvases at 70% off. STOP worring about them!! Are you sure the pain wasn't from jumping out of a tree? Oh, wait...

  2. LOL. No tree jumping here, that seems only to be for people with sharp objects in hand and those who forget they aren't 12 anymore. I just bought three more canvases the other day for 65% off, yes, I worry too much.