Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Gorgeous Day!

What a beautiful day. I started my day at 5:20, after talking myself into driving to the cities with my parents to Warners' Stellians Warehouse sale to find a couple appliances. So, once I realized I wasn’t going to fall back asleep since I was trying to decide whether to fall back asleep, I got up showered, got dressed, started water for my oatmeal and decided to call my parents to let them know I was ready if they wanted to pick me up. Low and behold my parents decided not to go, so there I was at not even six a.m. with no where to go. I gave serious consideration to going myself but decided I wasn’t ready to drive over an hour each way by myself, yet. In the end my brother, who went to the sale for me, found us a good deal on a dishwasher. I can’t tell you how excited I am for that. Funny what becomes exciting when you get older and become a homeowner. Our current dishwasher is about twenty years old at least, it’s time for energy efficient.

My day has been busy since that moment. I had originally though I would spend the day painting and getting a load of laundry done. Instead I found myself in the kitchen making peanut butter cookies, which I intended to share with my family as now being diabetic I can’t eat my usual handful of cookies in one sitting and I am pretty sure Chris would never want a cookie again if I made him eat two dozen or more cookies. Forgetting how time consuming that project was it took me all morning into the early afternoon. Then my husband who is dropping a tree with his brother and dad at his brother’s house called and asked if I would pick up lunch and bring it to them. I opted, as I figured it was easier and I was too tired to go hunt down food, to make them spaghetti, including half a fresh loaf of bread I had just made two days ago and a hearty portion of peanut butter cookies.  

I on the other hand was so hungry before the food request came, which would have tasted so good, that I downed a whole box of Kraft mac and cheese, just an fyi, don’t eat a full box of mac and cheese in one setting. I am not sure when I will ever be able to look at mac and cheese again let alone put it in my mouth. Sure I say that now but next time my sugars take a dive and I am hungry beyond words I will find myself doing the same silly thing. The spaghetti on the other hand had onions, mushrooms, and peppered salami in. I hope the salami tasted good as it was an idea I had. But according to recipes on the Internet it was a good choice. My guys didn’t seem to complain, then again they were so hungry they probably could have eaten cardboard and been happy.

I came home from the guys, and my dad showed up so we went for a walk in this super fantastic weather. I am severely out of shape right how, the prednisone having taken  it’s toll on my legs with this last round that I felt just sad at how hard it was to walk. Now it didn’t help we were walking into the wind as we started, walking return with the wind at our back was quite nice.

So that was my day and it’s still hours until I go to bed but I think I might find time yet for a nap as I am pooped. This week I have some tests at the clinic, checking my acid reflux, which the one test I know will suck big time as I have to have a probe in my stomach for 24 hours. I have had a lot of things done to me but a tube in my nose and down into my stomach is at the top of my list of hates.

On Wednesday I will be part of the church Lenten program. Not sure how I will feel about seeing myself on the ‘big screen’ but it will be closest I ever get to being in a movie. You can see me at the 11 and 7 pm services that day at Gloria Dei.

I hope you have had a good or great Saturday wherever you are, each day is a gift unwrap it and use it to its fullest.

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  1. Having just experienced that lovely tube-down-the-nose thing, I highly concur with its placement on a hate list! Hope you squeak by without having to do it :P