Friday, April 6, 2012

Decision Day!

What a day! Thursday was D-day, decision on surgery. Nissen Fundoplication or not, well I opted for not. I had such a struggle with this decision. There is some research out there that says this surgery that helps with GERD could improve situations with rejection in post transplanted lungs. So, with a heavy heart I weighed the pros and cons and still was confused. No one ever wants to make the wrong decision, especially when it can be so life altering and my lungs are so important but since I don't have a crystal ball I had to decide on my own. I weighed the possibility of effecting my lungs, but also the fact that I would be losing a lot of the weight I just worked so hard to put on because I won't have a regular diet for 4-6 weeks, mostly liquid to start then soft foods. On top of that the problems with possible bloating and pressure and learning how to eat different and not swallow so much air. Plus trying to recover from the pain. I have had so many surgeries and still feel like I am not on solid ground from the abscess or the last rejection that I am left tired and deflated at times. I also have the kidney issues that need to be addressed, so I opted for no surgery and trying a new anti-rejection drug in the next weeks to come, if all goes well that will hopefully work better than my current drug regime and to be vain, give me back my hair!

I also will be having my stomach tube removed, hopefully next week, which really is nothing more than deflating it and pulling it out. So then i will be all on my own to gain weight, and the way I have been cooking and eating, that shouldn't be too difficult. That was my other issue with surgery as I mentioned was the weight I would lose, if I eventually have to have the surgery I would like a few more pounds on this frame to work with. 

Then the sad news came of my friend waiting on the vent. She has once again hit a very large bump in the road, sounds as though no longer transplantable. She has been such a courageous Cyster, fighting CF with everything she has and trying to hold out for those lungs. There is something to be said for her determination and tenacity. God gives each of us a different road to follow, we don't know which fork we follow or where that road will lead but along the way we meet wonderful people, and experience amazing things, though it's over all too quick hopefully somewhere along the journey we are grateful for having been here and have in turn touched the lives and hearts of those around us. I know my friend will leave a mark forever on many hearts around her.

May your day find you smiling at least once, for today is a blessing from the moment you opened your eyes.

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