Monday, April 9, 2012

New Look, Same Blog

I was hoping to give this blog a new look and so I did. Not sure if I will stick with it but it certainly is a bit more upbeat.

Today was Monday and all day I kept thinking it was Sunday, that usually happens with a holiday. It also happens when your sister decides to stay a day past the weekend, it completely throws off a persons sense of time. Although you would have thought spending my whole morning at the clinic/hospital, waiting, I would have realized it was not, in fact, the weekend anymore.

However today was a big day, today I got my tiny little stomach tube removed. Seven months after it was placed it is gone and in its place a second belly button. Sweet, another scar, I've lost count. It was very painless to remove, the hope is now it closes up fairly quick so I don't have to worry about leaking all over the place...gross! Had to be careful what I drank today, only thicker things and I had to sip. Do you know how hard it is when all you really want is to guzzle a glass of water?

Not only did I get my tube or rather my button, since that is really more what it was, removed but I got to see a friend of mine that also has CF. He is a doctor in his 50's and I just love running into him, we always have such great conversations and it is so great to connect with others with CF. We always seem to run into each other at just the right time. I am inspired by him and I think others with CF should be also, to be a pediatric anesthesiologist in cardiology - pretty impressive. He's very supportive and always leaves me with a smile.

Well, enjoy the bright, shiny, new look.

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