Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Neighborhood

On October 20, 2010 we moved into this house, that next week I took Marco for a walk around the block, literally around just one block and that was all I could handle. I hadn't worn oxygen outside for exercise yet, only during exercise inside but that was the longest and most painful walk of my life. That would be one of maybe three walks I took between October and November of that year.

Fast forward to April 6, 2012, yesterday, I took my first real walk around the neighborhood by myself. I took one a few weeks ago with Dad but this was my first time, by myself...did I say that once already, just making sure you get the gist. It was great! I didn't just walk one block, nope I walked more and I can't even tell you because I don't know how far, but I do know that it was up and down hills, and down a path I have never set foot on in my life. It is much more of a workout walking outside then on the treadmill and so many better things to look at.

I hope there will be many more outdoor walks to come, looks like today might be a not so weather friendly day to walk but soon, very soon and who knows how far I will go next time.

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