Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Simple Seven, Simply Retro!

I have a new friend! She is going to help improve my overall health, take me on journeys to magical places, and mostly put a smile on my face every time I see her.

Henrietta or Henri for short!
I am so excited to get in shape enough to actually ride her further than around the block and actually up the hill. I took her for an inaugural spin yesterday, glad I decided to just try the block rather than a discovery trip through the neighborhood. I apparently thought that even though I can walk 3 mph on the treadmill and run for five minutes that somehow I would have the thigh muscle to push up  a hill, I was very much wrong.

But all things take time, right? Guess I will just have to go around the block everyday, or many times a day and when I can finally get up the hill I will move on to two blocks and then three and then one day I will find myself on the other side of town. I will be so excited I made it that far only to realize I have to go back the same distance as I came because in my excitement I will have forgotten that part!

I have also been informed by my sister and niece I need a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads and likely bubble wrap to keep me safe. At this rate I think I need to add training wheels, you know, just to make sure I don't topple sideways.

Thursday is my six month bronchoscopy, I am really trying to be hopeful and positive. It isn't alway easy to do when there have been so many bumps in this road but I keep telling myself a positive attitude is needed here, if I think negative, negative happens. So only hopeful thoughts.

I will keep you posted on Henrietta's and my journeys through the neighborhood and some day around Rochester.

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