Monday, April 2, 2012

Nature Walk and More

I did something Sunday that I haven't done in years, in fact it's been so long the last time I remember doing it was for my college art show which was back in 2004. You will laugh when I tell you that what I did was paint my fingernails. Yup, I sat outside with my 'duck' mask on (it's really stylish) in the breeze and painted my nails. Mind you the polish still stunk but it was tolerable enough. As a side note the reason I didn't paint them is my old lungs would literally bleed from the smell. When I was all done I looked down and thought how odd the whole thing looked. Like someone else's fingers are attached to my hands.

I should also mention that my nails have never looked better or been stronger. The last years I have had the worst nails, breaking, peeling, and just not healthy. I couldn't get them to grow long if I tried, now I don't even try. I guess this is one of those 'good' side effects of transplant. Seriously I no longer have bumps in my nails and I can't bend them, if that wasn't cool enough they seem to grow faster than I can keep track of. Oh, and the shape of my nails have changed. People with lung issues typically have clubbing, wide nails, mine have narrowed, it is just crazy to look down at my hands. Some days I am mesmerized by them and I am sure by now my husband, niece and mom are tired of me saying 'look at my nails'. Although Josie was most exited yesterday when I sent here a photo of my nails, not only has she never recalled seeing them painted but they were so long. How cool is it to text my 12 year old niece to discuss my nails, really does life get any better than that?

Sunday was such a nice day, once the sun came out. I got to spend some time with the littlest niece and nephew at Quarry Hill, we had a great time walking around and collecting various nature items, like tickle sticks - I never knew they existed but then again anything with a fuzzy end qualifies as a tickle stick. I also found that when walking with children the things they want to collect end up being the things adults carry and nothing in the child's hand...amazing. But what fun kids and so very smart. I had a great time, I think they did too.

Checking out the spring.

See what I mean!

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