Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Glimmer

Posted Jun 16, 2011 2:09pm

Another day, another plan. This morning we met with every different doctor to discuss the next few steps. Nutrition, ENT, Floor Docs, Transplant Docs-- you name it.

The current schedule has Sarah undergoing surgery for the trach tomorrow morning. Our experience so far tells us that the schedule might be more fluid than that. They will not be doing the stomach tube, nor the sinus surgery right now. They feel those operations are luxuries at this point and don't want to rock the boat. Additionally, they feel like the transplant is so imminent, they want to avoid any possible complications. One of her transplant Docs made the comment that it could be one to two weeks for lungs-- but of course no one knows. We are cautiously optimistic that things are stable and perhaps we have reached the nadir.

Sarah was awake a few times this morning and was able to write some small notes. She wanted to know what day it was and if her doctor had been in. When I told her about the surgery schedule, she asked if that would allow her to talk, as she is unable to do so with the tube down her throat. The nurse explained it might take some time, but I told her she wouldn't be sedated so she could write more easily. Her response was, "I paint." Even intubated and barely conscious she was still cracking jokes. That's a great sign.


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