Monday, July 4, 2011

Recovery and a photo

Posted Jun 17, 2011 5:14pm

Sarah is back in her room from surgery. I am waiting at home with Kai to get the information from the docs about what the next steps are and what to expect, but I know they felt it went well. We'll see this evening how much activity they will allow her to do, but Dr. Wylem wanted her up and moving around as soon as possible. They don't want her to lose any muscle capacity while she waits for the transplant. I told her he wanted her to run a 5k and she smiled-- she knows how strongly he feels about keeping active. She takes the continued exercise pretty seriously and will even use her resistance bands while she lays there and can do nothing else. When I know more I will post it.

About the photo-- When Sarah arrived in the ICU she had Tricia take a picture of her attached to all the machines. She wanted it posted on her blog to help document her journey. She has used others' stories (blogs, videos, discussion boards) as a way to understand the challenges and set her expectations. Her blog is a way of paying that forward to those who will walk a similar path. She was adamant about showing the hard parts, as she knows showing and explaining them help reduce the fear and anxiety that other patients will have. Leave it to her, again, to be thinking of how she can help others while she is in desperate need herself.

More tonight when we hear from the docs.

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