Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eating Out for Dinner

Posted Jul 12, 2011 9:39am
Back in Mpls and derelict in my duties. Sarah has had a few days with more ups than downs. She ate dinner with my parents out in the 'Atrium' just down the hall from her room. Dining out!

She managed to walk half way to the large waiting room with huge windows that overlooks the main entry and out to the west. I think it was a motivator, because she has headed that way a few times now, making it most of the way there on her own power.

The other CF patient on the floor suffered some setbacks and I think it made Sarah realize that is is doing better than she thought. I'm sure it is somewhat strange to know someone is suffering in a similar unique way: unable to communicate on the vent, choking during the suction, struggling with each breath, and just trying to hold on until the lungs arrive.

We found out that it is likely that size of lungs will play a large role in the amount of time Sarah will need to wait. We knew it would play a role, but not sure how much. Because she is smaller in size, it will be necessary that her donor be smaller as well. While this helps us understand the checklist of things that must align, it can still be 5 minutes or 5 weeks.

But for now she is holding steady!

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