Monday, July 4, 2011

A calm night

Finally, a calm night. The yesterday evening, Sarah began to have a bit more energy. My mom brought her a brownie, and Sarah gobbled it down like Cookie Monster goes after his cookies. We laughed how Mom's brownies are so good, even though she'll always say it's just a box mix. Perhaps that little bit of Mom's touch gives them restorative healing properties, but after that she had a bit more determination in her eyes.

She had another issue with her port, which is always a point of concern for her. Her port, for those who don't know, is a small nickel-sized disk under her skin midway down her ribcage on her left side. A tube runs from the disc and discharges near her heart. This allows her to constantly receive medicine, blood, and anything that would normally go in an IV without being stuck a dozen times in each arm. She guards this closely, because it is a pain in the butt to replace it and this is her third one. The other three have clotted off because of mishandling by technicians who weren't familiar with it's use and Sarah blames herself for not speaking up when she felt they were doing it wrong. She won't let that happen again.

However, the port is still good! This lifted her spirits a bit, as the look on her face was was evidence that she was sure it was shot.

She pushed to get on the exercise bike for about 10 minutes before dinner, and then had a good appetite. She had thought she was getting spaghettios for dinner, and was a little disappointed to find the fish/noodles/slab of shoe-leather on her plate. However, she went after the food with a pretty good hunger-- then the nurse showed up with a plate of spaghettios too and she downed those as well. For at least one meal, the appetite was back.

She got a shower in before her evening therapy and I think that helped too. This morning she was digging into breakfast when Dad got up there and the docs were busy visiting her. Food and sleep are the best medicine for her at this point, and it is good to have them back in her repertoire.

After a few days of downer posts, it's nice to have some positives to post!

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