Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday night I crashed your party

Posted Jul 1, 2011 8:15pm

The last two days have been tough for Sarah and have been a bit of a setback. I have resumed my post bedside, so I can now report from the front lines. It has been tough to post anything before now, because we just didn't know where things were headed, or what to think. Is she worse than she was? Yes. Are we back across the hall? No.

Sarah is back on antibiotics as her 'lung butter', as she calls it, is once again harboring evil aliens. It is nothing new, and as one Doc put it, three bacteria survive and a week later you've got three trillion again. When there is as much crap in her lungs and they are in such

She is weak and anxious and her blood pressure is high and her oxygen is low and her pulse is high and then the new drugs make her blood pressure too low and then she is sleepy and has no appetite. She is shedding weight at an alarming rate. So we are worried, and she is worried. But the docs say, if she can get up and move-- she's just gotta hold on and they will transplant her. If she becomes unresponsive or organs start failing then they won't transplant.

According to the Docs, holiday weekends, especially the 4th, tend to produce (ahem) additional donors. If other transplant centers have a surplus, they pass along the goodies that they can't use.

They just gave her some stuff to bring her blood pressure back up, and her lips have color in them again. She is sitting up and interacting with the nurses, so that is good. Lets hope for a good night, and lungs soon.

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