Monday, July 4, 2011

Surgery Day

Just a quick post this morning, as it will likely be a long day for Sarah and will present many changes. She is to go in for the trach surgery around 10 am and it should take a little over 2 hours. She had a restless night again and only got sleep in smaller chunks. The tube in her throat is obviously bothering her, and they had to decrease her sedation to prepare for the operation. This caused her to feel the discomfort more often and wake up about every 45 mins. They would give her a burst of drugs that would knock her out, but she'd be up the next hour. She is ready for the surgery, and I don't think morning could come soon enough for her.

Mom, Dad, Chris, and Tricia are up there after relieving me early this morning. They will meet with the Docs on rounds and the ENT Doc doing the procedure, as well as an update from the Transplant Team. When I hear more, I will post the info.


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